"Jeli understands how it should be helped so she always leads me with the right strategy to the goal. Even though I haven’t had so many lessons with Jeli so far, I already feel much more confident in my English language skills."
G. Brullo, Sales manager

“Classes with Jeli are very motivating, so that I could improve my business English and grammar knowledge very fast! ”
S. Schägeli. Eentrepreneur

"Thanks to Jeli’s support I could expand and improve my business English skills very fast. Her methods are interesting, diverse and efficient. She considers individual needs and wants and is flexible when it comes to the course activities, which I appreciate very much. Her feedback is very helpful and to the point. Additionally, Jeli is a very helpful and patient person. I can highly recommend classes with Jeli to everyone,  who wants to improve their business English skills.
B. Aydin, Project manager

Jeli supported me in business English, especially in preparing my presentations. We trained goal oriented for an upcoming presentation, which I found very helpful. This also helped me hold my presentations with greater self-confidence and accuracy. Another great advantage comparing to group lesson was, that the time and place of the classes was adjusted according to my own schedule.
Ö. Dogan, Sales Manager