Individual and group lessons for kids (from 5 years)

Individual lessons


  • Classes’ schedule and location are flexible

  • Lessons are developed and structured according to your child’s needs and interests

  • Your child receives individual attention and support

  • Natural learning abilities and language talents of your child are activated and supported

  • By learning language through singing, dancing, crafting your child not only develops its language skills but also its creativity

  • By focusing on conversation your child gains self confidence in speaking

  • Learning languages is fun


  • Individual lesson CHF 50-65 (depending on the level and location)

  • Abos 10x 60 min CHF 450-600


Group lessons ( maximum 4)

  • Small group sizes in which each child gets individual attention

  • The groups are formed according to the age (age groups: 4-6, 7-9)

  • The lessons are developed to further children imagination an creativity, according to the mutual needs of the group

  • Children develop their language skills through games, arts and crafts in a safe, supporting, stress-free environment

  • Children are supported not only to develop their language skills but also their social and emotional ones through interaction with others

  • When the weather is nice children learn outside in the nature

  • Learning in the small group is fun


  • Group lesson CHF 30

  • Abo: 10 x 60 min  CHF 250